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Who's Behind the Music




Dave Weckl            - Drums and Percussion

George Whitty       - Keyboards and Programming

Tom Kennedy        - Upright bass

Bob Franceschini  - Tenor Saxophone (on "LET'S STAY TOGETHER" only)

- Acknowledgments -
For the realization of her first project, Clivia  would like to especially thank: 
Her daughters, Andrea and Gaelle, for their vital love and support.
Dave Weckl, her husband, for his love, encouragement and help to visualize and produce this project; Claire Weckl for her presence.
Tom Kennedy for his mutual affection and great musical support; Bob Franceschini for his sensitivity, soulful sound and talent; 
George Whitty for his professionalism, fantastic musicianship and friendship.
Special Thanks also go to the people who contributed indirectly to the project:
Luca di Luzio, Giuliano Graziani, Giuseppe Zanca, Marco Breidenbach.
Her deepest gratitude goes to her parents, Fernando and Lucia and her loved sister Gisella. Thanks also to Maralba, Rita, Demetrio, Patrizia, Giusy, Marta, Annamaria, Moira, Gianni (her cousin), whom all believed in her and encouraged her to follow her soul vocation. 
A big thank goes to Rob and Mike Silverman (AUTUMN HILL RECORDS) for their generosity and availability to promote this project.
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